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How to Add a New Popup

To begin a fresh popup, simply login to your WP Dashboard, navigate to Popup Pro, and click “Add New“.

This opens a new window, granting you full creative control to design the Popup layout and tailor all its settings to perfection.


  1. Click Popup Pro in your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Add New option. Add Title to your Popup.
  3. Click on The Divi Builder button to enable Divi Builder.
  4. In the “Build from Scratch” modal window, please click on the “Start Building” button to begin the process.
  5. You will notice automatically in a section, that a row will appear, and easily add any module to add an image, video anything that you want to showcase through the popup.
  6. After designing the pop-up using your preferred modules hit the save button in the Divi visual builder 
  7. Now go to the WordPress dashboard and add a new page where you want to showcase the Popup. 
  8. Now copy the CSS ID of Manual Trigger and on the page take a button or any module. Go to the module’s settings> Advanced tab> in the CSS ID and Classes you can keep the CSS ID that you copied. 

In the final step, configure your Popup by choosing the Trigger Event, and customizing options such as Overlay Background, Popup position, animations, and the close button. You can access all these settings within the Popup Settings.

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